Emotions In Sales And Marketing For More Customers (Part 1)

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Emotions In Sales And Marketing For More Customers (Part 1)

Basing your marketing and sales on behavior is a risky business. It is much more effective to use emotions because they make people act

It is far beyond doubt that the goal of each company – small or big – is that its product reaches as big of a group as possible, that it can be recognized by that group as needed and that it is purchased. For this purpose people use variety of strategies to find out what the market demands and how the potential client may be interested enough so that he prefers their product to the same or to a similar of another brand or a company. Some of those strategies stress on logic in finding markets or selling a product. It means thinking like we buy this and sell that we make a given profit. Or we lower or raise the price the market will react in this or that manner.

There is however a mighty mechanism which good sales people and market researchers use though they might
not know the theory and the exact techniques behind it. And this mechanism is called: emotions. Why are emotions the most powerful instrument in marketing and sales? Lets say that person consists of three parts – convictions, behavior and emotions. Conviction is important but if we want to find out what the conviction of our potential client or of the market this is a risky business. Sometimes two people even after 20 years of marriage do not manage to know the convictions of their partners. The following is also very risky: to try to find out the mood of the market by behavior; to sell by learned techniques and phrases; by proper dress and manners; to be aware of how exactly the client moves his head on the meeting, meaning body language.

The key, to know the person or the market, is emotions

The reason is that the person in front of you may manifest perfect behavior, to speak fascinating things, but at the same time to have bad intentions to you and when you eventually find out about it to be too late. In another words the person in front of you may wear a perfectly polished mask behind which there might be different intentions than the manifested ones. The key, to know the person or the market, is emotions. Why? Because logic make people think and the emotions lead people to actions! The word “e-motion” comes from the Latin words ex – outside and movere – movement. In another words it means “movement outside” or the thing from inside which results in outward manifestations.
Emotions In Sales And Marketing (Part 2)
Author: Marc J. de Turck

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