Aesthetics as possible answer to war in Ukraine

3 Juillet 2015   •   no comments   

Kiev, July 3th 2015. Trend Masters invited Marc de Turck on their yearly B2B trainer master contest as guest speaker.

They have this yearly competition on national basis.

120 attendees managers attended the conference.
Detailed read link

 After the conference 5 media interviewed Marc in a fantastic venue of LOBORTAS (innovators, creators of unique jewelry to VIP) .

The main messages of Marc de Turck in a crisis situation:
Look at challenges
Increase the promotion,   Study to understand better, Be flexible
If nothing else works, aesthetics might work.

Marc also was invited on the national VESTI radio and repeated this message with as extra:

It is time to brand Ukraine on the market – it is known and can use the fact that it is known.

Success to all people in Ukraine.  More on Marc de Turck here 

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