A detailed moral code maybe the solution for many companies in troubles?

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We live in a world were quite some youngsters, although very good people with good intentions, do not know anymore what is good and bad as behavior in their job.  Some even go as far as thinking that they can steal and do nothing and that the boss just has to give them a salary because of who they are. This is one of the – maybe intentionally wanted – results of a welfare state.

A lot of company owners and managers whom I met, face this attitude today of : « Just pay me because I am » and try to survive – or not to succumb – in an extremely competitive market.  

Motivation seminars, positive thinking seminars, productivity seminars and other management seminars are trying every day to answer this challenge, but the results of them – as I observed – are only partial.

Managers have to face the real reason of no motivation. According to me on of the real reasons of this is that youngsters do not know anymore what is good and bad.  Hence the necessity of educating youngsters in a basic moral code.

But since most of the university students I met or recruited in the last 10 years have difficulties to understand what they read, the education has to be done differently than 20 years ago.  The necessity of video and real life examples as materials in education are today more than ever needed,

So the solution to low motivation, immoral behavior in a company, according to me starts with :

1. Creating a basic moral code adapted for the company in video format with very clear examples and definition of the terms motivation, pro-activity, responsibility, good behavior etc.
2. Determining a justice system – without neglecting the local Country Laws- tailor made for the company when someone does not follow this code.
3. Educating all personnel in the code and the justice system via video materials and lots of examples.
4. Asking all personnel to sign this code and its justice system,.
5. Applying the justice system uniformly.

We implement this steps in different companies in Eastern Europe.

Marc J. de Turck

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