30 Bulgarian business people start the path to freedom by countering 51 ways to make a manager crazy.

3 Novembre 2015   •   no comments   
Bulgaria, Sofia, November 3th 2015, Suite Hotel.

On a sunny November day, 30 managers gather in Suites Hotel to listen to IDEAs FreeBoss’s special guest speaker Mr George Aslanis, President of W.I.S.E. Europe.  Mr Aslanis stressed the importance of balancing cope and organize, quoting Mr L.Ron Hubbard: « the end product of copy is drown. The end product of organize is freedom. »  He gave the attendees precise tools they can use and apply immediately to counter the most important problems they encounter in their daily lives.

Those tools include : hiring correct staff, hatting them, making sure they have no misunderstood words in their job, managing by statistics only, continuous creation and much more.

After the seminar 4 people showed interest to become wise members and to give power to the purpose of WISE, which is to create a more sane business world.

Different attendees acquired 15 books of Mr L. Ron Hubbard and wanted more data via in house seminars.

The seminar was organized by the team of IDEAs FreeBoss Sofia. http://www.freeboss.eu
IDEAs Freeboss and Mr Aslanis continue their Balkan tour with a seminar in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia on November 5th 2015.

Some opinions of attendees after seminar:

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