People today make the difference when it counts.

24 Octobre 2014   •   no comments   

Social media, digital marketing, web shopping, on-line training platforms, robots. ….. The marketing and sales world is full of it.
Those are indeed good solutions today to market and sell your products and services the easy way.  Today however in an extremely competitive market where most companies are on-line and most of them are familiar with search engine optimizations, social networks and landing pages PEOPLE will more and more make the difference.

The sales person today who still has the guts to telephone, to meet people face to face, who is convinced and who knows the importance in emotions which make people act, is worth GOLD.
It is the conviction and the attitude towards clients and prospects which gives today the biggest competitive advantage. And this is good news for sales people.
So sales people, do not hide behind your computer screens; go back on the street, meet people.
The world needs personal contact more than ever.

Marc J. de Turck

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