What Is The Common Error When Breaking Into a New Market?

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What Is The Common Error When Breaking Into a New Market?

You have an idea and want to convert it in to a product or service and with it breaking into a new market.

Great! Don’t forget that entering a new market is like starting from zero. The common mistake in this situation is that a lot of producers and entrepreneurs prepare a product and directly present it on the market.

The trainer of Ideas Freeboss, Marc De Turck advises business people first to make marketing research in order to define the needs on the market. The important question is to whom they would like to give their product (type of client) . This gives business people more certainty how and where to find their prospects, and how to present their product. According to this information companies can make an organization, which follows customer needs.

In his marketing sessions Marc gives also information about 10 future trends that one product or service should contain to be successfully positioned on the market. Marc explains that the worst thing you can do in marketing is to promote blindly, therefore he helps companies to open their eyes and to find out what the market really wants.

See short video with one of the clients of Ideas Freeboss who got marketing session.

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