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Odessa means business in developing its region.

10 Septembre 2016   •   Lettre d'infos   •   no comments   

September 10th 2016. Odessa, Ukraine. 

odessa1The Governor of the whole Odessa region , after a tender involving different companies and speakers, finally decided to invite Marc de Turck ,together with Olerom,  as trainer-facilitator in order to find investors for the Odessa Region.

The 22 new districts of Odessa who where appointed by the new government (equivalent to mayor of a town) and followed a one-day seminar.


Marc de Turck talked about the importance of clear goals and ideas, he gave some trends to help the local entrepreneurs, he also gave some very practical advice on how to find and negotiate with investors.  He also mentioned the emotional tone scale of L.Ron Hubbard as an important tool in attracting founders, goal makers and investors to the region.

The following months will be crucial in how the Odessa region will develop.

We wish the Odessa region big success.

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