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The Tangra Boys mean business and follow a Strategic Sales Training Seminar

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Sofia, Bulgaria, Saturday October 10th 2015.  Tangra Bulgaria means business when they invite Marc de Turck as speaker for their sales training.  More info


Farmer 2000 makes itself ready for 2016

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Velingrad, Bulgaria, Friday October 16th 2015. The company Farmer 2000, well known for all its solutions to Bulgarian farmers, organizes a team building week-end. Guest speaker is Marc de Turck who speaks about change, self motivation and emotions. More info


Sochi companies prepare themselves for export to Europe

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October 17th 2015. In the beautiful Sochi at the black sea in Russia.

50 Sochi company leaders attend the conference organized by Business Forward on Export.

One of the Guest speakers is Marc de Turck, who introduces different trends in Europe which give opportunities to Russian producers and traders to export to Europe.

Translation is done by Tatiana Markova of On Line English Academy.

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Ukrainian Business People are invited to export in Europe.

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Odessa,Friday October 9th. Business Forward Ukraine invites different speakers for its conference on Export.

Marc de Turck talks about practical solutions for Ukrainian business people to position themselves and to follow the trends of Mss Faith Popcorn.  He also invites Ukrainian business people to come to the Balkan as solution. 40 managers got practical solutions to their export problems.

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Bulgarian managers learn how not be become crazy from developped traffic.

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Sofia, Hilton Hotel, Monday October 5th 2015.
Marc de Turck holds a lecture on 51 ways to turn a manager crazy and what to do about it.

The lecture is based on the references of Mr L.Ron Hubbard on developed traffic (traffic which should not occur in an efficient organisation and which is thus developed) and how this is the « delirium tremens » of any organization.

The lecture is an introduction on the special seminar which will take place on November 3th 2015 in Sofia, Suites Hotel.  At the same time a special guest speaker is announced for November 3rh .
Mr Georges Aslanis, the President of WISE, The Hubbard Management System Consultants and Trainers Association for Europe.

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Business crisis in Greece countered with FreeBoss seminar in Athens

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October 3th 2015, Athens, Hotel Metropolitan, full room,
More than 50 business managers, owners attend Marc de Turck’s seminar on FreeBoss in crisis situation.

Amazed, energized public after the seminar speaks in superlatives.

The seminar was organised by Business Coaching Lab in collaboration with AMT Greece and Business Leaders Coaching.

Mr George Aslanis, President of the Hubbard Management System Consultants attended part of the seminar and spoke at the end of the seminar on the importance of creating an Hubbard Management System Platform to tackle the crisis.

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Sofia Sales Managers get trained in the secrets of top sales people

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Sofia, Bulgaria.  September 30th 2015, Suites Hotel.
15 Sofia Sales Managers get the secrets of top sales people.

Marc de Turck explains the convictions of kids as biggest weapon in sales.  Followed by emotions and some very special techniques.

The training is based on the works of L.Ron Hubbard and his Management System.

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