Notre But.

Aider les chefs d’entreprise et les leaders d’organisations privées, publiques et sociales à faire de leurs rêves positifs une réalité pour tous et à changer leurs conditions pour le bien de tous.

Nos Services.

Nous délivrons des formations présentielles, des webinars, des séances de coaching, des séances de consultance, de l’aide personnelle ad-hoc, des livres et des vidéos, le tout de façon amusante, dynamique, efficace et réussie.

Nos Sources.

Tous nos services sont basés sur notre propre expérience et les données du Système de Gestion Hubbard (Hubbard Management System)©.

Notre Fondateur.

IDEAS Intl. a été créée par Marc J. de Turck en 1994.

marc de turckMarc J. de Turck est né à Bruxelles, le 05/02/1962. Déjà tout jeune, Marc voulait devenir conseiller de leaders et chefs d’entreprise. Il a été gradué en 1986 avec un Masters Degree en Business Economique, à l’Université Catholique de Leuven, en Belgique.

Il a commencé sa carrière chez Arthur Andersen Consulting en 1986. En 1989, il est devenu conseiller organisationnel de politiciens de haut niveau et de représentants gouvernementaux en Belgique. En tant que tel, il a conseillé différentes institutions Belges concernant des points stratégiques et organisationnels.

En 1994, il a découvert les travaux spirituels de Mr L. Ron Hubbard et le Hubbard Management System© et est devenu consultant et formateur certifié. Marc a formé et coaché plus de 30.000 managers dans 20 pays.

Ayant étudié beaucoup de systèmes de management auparavant, il a considéré ce système comme le système de management le PLUS AVANCE et le PLUS COMPLET qu’il ait jamais connu. De ce fait, très vite après sa certification de Consultant Hubbard ©, en 1994, il a fondé sa propre compagnie de formation et coaching, basée sur ce système, appelée IDEAS.

En 1999, IDEAS est devenue une société et a actuellement différents Associés à travers l’Europe.

En 2006, lors de la Journée Internationale du Patron, IDEAS a inclus le programme Patron Libre (FreeBoss) et devint IDEAS FreeBoss.


Marc est heureux en ménage avec Monique De Clerck.
Ils ont une fille, Alice, et un petit-fils, Mathéo.
Marc et Monique sont socialement actifs, en aidant de manière personnelle lors de situations difficiles et aussi avec de la prévention et réhabilitation aux drogues. Pour plus d’informations sur ces dernières, visitez le site :

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Nos Partenaires.

Darina Maleeva-Tzvetanova.

Partner IDEAs Bulgaria.

The Hubbard Management System and IDEAS gave me the tools that I needed to better improve and control my work. I stand before you today strongly convinced in two things- there is no problem I cannot handle and the Management Technology really works (first hand information).

Monique De Clerck.

Partner IDEAs Bulgaria.

Due to the exceptional Administrative Technology, IDEAS is providing expansion, freedom and happiness to company owners, managers and workers. To work with the IDEAS’team and its boss, my husband, is a pleasure and an honour. I love to help contributing to a better environment and happier people ! IDEAS gives me the opportunity to achieve it !

Verica Mazhevska

Partner IDEAs Macedonia

I support the goals of Ideas which are more sane business environment and help for business people to grow and free themselves from daily activities. The technology that IDEAS use is functional, easy to apply and gives results. The business sector is big part of the society and if we can improve that sector we can help the whole society as well.

Mihaela Vasileva

Client Relations Manager IDEAS Bulgaria

The opportunity to work in Ideas is a big chance for me, to develope and improve myself as a person and as a professional, too. I am impressed by the team and their friendly attitude. It is just a six from the lottery.

Nevena Topalova

Partner IDEAS Bulgaria

My work is to help you with information so we could improve and change for good the business environment together. This happens thanks to exceptionally precise technology created by Mr. LR Hubbard, which provides a solution to every problem,  in business and personally.





Adelina Banciu

Associate Partner IDEAS FreeBoss Intl.

My wish is to contribute to the continuous success of IDEAs Intl. as it feels great to be part of a group which has the same purpose as I do: helping other managers and their assistants to flourish and prosper. This is an opportunity for me to help my country and improve its economical and financial system.  I had the chance and privilege to listen to Marc speaking and I believe he’s an extraordinary coach and trainer that I trust very much. Marc de Turck and his company use the technology that works. I have been using this tech for the past couple of years and I know from my own observation that anybody who will learn and use this tech correctly will end up flourishing and prospering.


Sergio Mazarakis

CEO & Founder Business Coaching Lab

Associate Partner Trainer IDEAS FreeBoss Intl
I really enjoy working with IDEAS and Marc de Turck. We have organized many seminars in Greece with Marc de Turck with great success and Greek people really love him! Marc has a unique way of delivering seminars and workshops, communicating valuable data in order to help business owners expand their activities. He is a great guy, friend, coach and associate and he is really passionate about what he is doing.

Yanis Korpetinos

Personal Life Coach
Associate Partner IDEAs FreeBoss Intl.

After 15 years of experience on life coaching,  I know that businessmen, entrepreneurs and any worker who is dedicated to his job, are the strong points of any society. It’s an honour to collaborate with a veteran and so high experienced business coach like mr. Marc de Turck and his team on IDEAS freeboss.







Dominique Boyer

Trainer Consultant.
Associate Partner IDEAS FreeBoss Intl.

I  work with Ideas Fee boss because even  from one seminar I was able to see the big picture behind the knowledge Marc, the founder, can provide. I also know that the technology of Mr L. Ron Hubbard works and it’s invaluable.



Marie-Jo Vos

Cold Calling Expert-Trainer

I very much like to do business with IDEAs because Marc de Turck is an expert in dealing with people and in teaching Managers how to deal with their personnel and businesses. He is one of the most caring, responsible, friendly and knowledgeable persons I know.


Elitsa Kostova

Personal Life coach
Elitsa Kostova is a visionary, transformational coach, business consultant with international experience and an creator of training programs that have won numerous awards. Elitsa works with entrepreneurs from Belgium to Dubai as a business consultant and trainer. .


kamillaKamilla Hairova

Freelance Translator.
Associate Partner IDEAS FreeBoss Intl.

n830303949_1371234_275934[1]Tatiana Markova

CEO & Founder of Get Lesson On-Line Academy
Associate Partner IDEAS FreeBoss Intl.





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