Business Progress Depends On What?

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Business Progress Depends On What?

Each company is a type of organization and its progress is directly related to a particular resource

An organization is « a certain number of people or groups that have specific responsibilities and who are together for the fulfillment of goals or work. They go together in a direction that most of them agree, which will lead to a degree of progress in which their consensus and form will be preserved, and to such an extent that it will improve its form so that it can face the threats of its existence and survive.  » This definition is used in the Hubbard Management System.

Let us pay attention to the words « most of them agree ». This means that your business will have progress if most of your employees agree with the direction you have set. For purposes and direction, we will be talking about the upcoming articles. In this article, we will focus on your employees. There are 4 types of employees and if you can not tell what kind of type your employees are, you risk not only the progress but also the survival of your company. Especially if most of them are against the desired direction. Especially if some of your managers are the one who pulls the wagon back.

The unpleasant news is that sometimes the « wolf is wearing sheepskin » and some managers have difficulties to recognize the person who pulled them backward. When you can distinguish between the four types of employees, you will know who to invest in and how to help them achieve the results you want.

This video shows the four types of employees. We hope to help you identify them.

If you are not sure of your judgment, you can check by ordering tests for your employees or contact us.

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